How to Make IMO Beta Free Video Calls?

Are you searching for how to make IMO beta free video calls? This article will teach you everything you need to know. If you enjoy free high-quality video calls even when you have a slow internet connection, you will love IMO.

IMO is an app everyone should have, especially for those in areas where the network is not so strong. This app lets you stay in touch with your family and friends through video calls, voice calls, chats, and more.

IMO has been around for a number of years now. However, with the introduction of IMO for PC, the app popularity has once again soared. People now love this app because you can make free video calls with IMO beta apps on PC without using BlueStacks and even when you have slow internet connectivity.

There are also other features that make IMO beta app so attractive to users. Some of these features include:

Features of IMO

  • High-quality free video calls to other IMO users when having a 2G internet connection
  • Make free video calls without disturbance from your friends
  • Make group chats with your friends and family
  • Easily share photos and videos with other IMO users
  • Express your emotions with thousands of free stickers
  • IMO also comes with language conversion capability
  • IMO is safe and secure. Your data is encrypted to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

IMO Beta Free Video Calls –¬†How to Guide

You will definitely love the experience of making free video calls using IMO beta app. This app is awesome. As far as your friend has the app, you can easily connect with them. Unlike other apps of such nature, IMO can work even when you have a slow internet connection.

imo beta free video calls and text

If you are wondering whether you can make IMO beta free video calls, follow the steps below to find out how you can easily do that:

Step 1

Decide whether you want to use IMO on your smartphone or PC. IMO can now be used on PC. You can check out the tutorial on how to do that. Alternatively, you can use your mobile.

Step 2

Download the app on your PC or mobile phone from Google PlayStore and create an account with your mobile number

Step 3

Once you complete the installation process, you are ready to start making IMO beta free video calls.

Step 4

The first thing you will notice is that IMO will automatically go through your contacts and check those that have IMO beta app installed on their phone. If your contact doesn’t have IMO installed, there is an option to send him a request to install IMO.

Step 5

Once you see that your friend is using IMO, you can initiate either free video or voice all depending on your choice.

Step 6

If your friend/contact is connected to the internet, IMO will give him a notification that you want to speak to him. Once he picks the call, you can start your video call.

Bottom Line…

Making IMO beta app free video calls is very easy. Ensure you have the app installed and you have an internet connection. You will a better experience of the app if you have a very strong internet connection. However, IMO can still make calls even when your internet connectivity is slow.

Apart from making free video calls, please note that you can chat and share images and videos with your family and friends on IMO.

How to Make IMO Beta Free Video Calls?
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